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Vacuum Suction & Spray Facial Course


Vacuum Suction & Spray Facial Course


Course Price: £320

Duration: 1 Day (10AM-1PM OR 1PM-4PM)

Pre-course reading: 4 Hours

Kit: No

Model: 1 - 2 Required

There is a maximum of 2 students per training session. This is to ensure the teaching is as interactive as possible, with student receiving the maximum level of attention and support.


This therapy is a wonderful alternative to the blackhead extraction tool, which can be quite unpleasant for your clients. Instead, this wonderful vacuum suction treatment is exfoliating and it helps to extract dirt from the pores with the suction function, followed by a hyaluronic serum being sprayed onto the face for the best hydration and plumping impact for the skin's overall texture and appearance.


This mechanical lymphatic drainage treatment can be used in conjunction with many other treatments such as dermaplaning and holistic, bespoke facials. The machine is powered by electricity, but no current travels through the skin. The vacuum suction treatment lifts and stimulates the underlying structures by applying suction to the skin's surface. The goal of vacuum suction is to improve blood flow and lymph circulation. It is used to stimulate the lymphatic system and aids: removal of waste products, draining lymph from the tissues and improves the colour and appearance of the skin leaving a hydrating glow.

  • Your beauty business's health and safety, as well as its equipment and insurance.

  • Why is client care so important?

  • What is lymph in anatomy and physiology?

  • How does lymphatic drainage help the skin, and how does the treatment create these benefits?

  •  Contraindications, restrictions, and treatment actions

  • How to conduct an appropriate consultation – examples will be provided in your training manual.

  • The vacuum suction and spray facial elements and benefits 

  • Professional Code of Ethics 

  • Facial steps from start to finish – we will perform the entire routine on your model.

  • Techniques for making the treatment stand out and assisting clients in getting the most out of their treatment and making it bespoke

  • Aftercare advice

  • Step by Step Manual

  • Fully Insurable Accredited Certificate

  • A lifetime of support and help should you need it

  • Level 2 Beauty Therapy

  • Facial Therapy & Skin Care Certificate with AJM Skin Aesthetics & Training



If your qualification is not listed, please contact us.

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